Daytrips from Istanbul with Rental Car

istanbul minivan for sightseeing in istanbul and other cities in turkey

Daytrips from Istanbul with Rental Car

Istanbul Minivan Recommended  Day Trips from Istanbul.


As one of the most historical cities in the country, Bursa enjoys frequent visitors from all over the world to come and walk the streets of the Ottoman Empire’s first ever capital and to marvel at its impressive buildings.

Canakkale and Gallipoli Historical Sights

Located on the impossibly scenic Gallipoli Peninsula with its verdant shores and idyllic coastal vistas, you’ll find the also beautiful Gallipoli Historical National Park, dedicated to memorialising and honouring soldiers from both sides of the First World War.

Widely recognised as a place with a very similar energy to Istanbul, but much more manageable in size, is the thriving seaside town of Çanakkale.


Famous for being the second capital of the Ottoman Empire, Edirne is an astonishingly opulent city positively brimming with heritage listed buildings including mosques, museums and an enchanting and mysterious Old Town.

Princes Islands

Wildly popular amongst the locals of Istanbul, the Princes Islands provide the perfect getaway for those looking to spend a quiet day away from the hectic urban center.


In the often scorching Turkish summer, another popular haven for sun-seekers and revellers takes shape in the form of the beaches of Kilyos, a coastal resort on the northern coast of Istanbul.

The long, beautiful sandy bay is the perfect place to cool off and relax and the local scene caters to a youthful and energetic crowd, with beach parties soundtracked by international DJ’s lasting late into the night.

Belgrade Forest

One of the things most notably lacking from Istanbul is the presence of serene and calm natural spaces, which is exactly the reason why a day trip to Belgrad Ormani is a favourite among locals looking for some tranquillity.


Having possessed the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 20 years now, Troy is one of the most iconic ancient sites in the world, thanks to our fascination with its mythological back story fuelled by popular media and history lessons.

Golden Horn

Acting as a crucial port to the vast stretch of water known as the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn is an incredibly beautiful natural harbour that is home to a number of fascinating historical sites as well as being a gorgeous stretch of coast.

Sile and Agva

Over on the coast of the Black Sea, you’ll find the extraordinarily attractive fishing village of Şile, which, thanks to its gorgeous white beach, transforms into a beach resort during summer where you can go and frolic in the crystal clear waters.


Ephesus is a day trip that really shouldn’t be missed when visiting Istanbul.

Although the most cost and time-efficient way to get there is by plane, its more than manageable over the course of a day and definitely worth the time.

The ancient city has got some of the most incredibly well-preserved monuments on Earth, including the House of Virgin Mary, where she supposedly spent her last days.

Bursa and Iznik

Formerly known as Nicea, the town of Iznik is another ancient fortified settlement that is brimming with Turkish, Greek and even Roman history.

It’s a wonderful place to explore on account of one of its main traditions, which was to produce and trade pottery and tiles.


Another full day commitment that includes a flight, Pamukkale is around two hours away from Istanbul including a plane journey and overland transfer.

Without a doubt one of the country’s most popular attractions, Pamukkale is a series of startlingly white thermal pool terraces cascading onto one another in the gorgeous flats of Turkey’s southwest.


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